Jessica Gomez

About me

Hello, I'm Jessica Gomez. I’m a Graphic & Web Designer powered by tea and passionate about UI design and visual resources for the best possible User Experience. I’m based in Montreal, originally from Colombia -> not Columbia.

I'm an eager learner and a creative problem-solving. I enjoy thinking ahead to find creative and simple solutions to all sorts of issues, especially when this involves website interactivity and making the world a more sustainable place.

I've had the opportunity to work with and learn from really amazing clients. With each new brief comes new ideas and fresh inspiration resulting in a tailor-made solution and making me keep innovating and evolving. My portfolio is a range of multi-media work which includes design for a responsive web.


ExpoPlus transit shelter exhibition | Quebecor Media | 2014

Things you’ll probably find interesting

Web trend geek | Cat mom | When I'm not designing I'm exploring Montreal | Women Rights defender | Vegetarian | Less waste lifestyle |


If you have a project in mind or want to know more about my work / commissioned rates, please don't hesitate and contact me!